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Viv dancing with her hair, as she is wont to do.

A letter from Viv

"What is in a name?" the bard didst ask. Well, my initials are VG, and I have found that everything I do, I seem to be Very Good at. Occasional excellence, but not too much 'cos that's annoying. So I've danced, sung, knitted, sewn, drawn, collaged, photographed, sculpted, designed, cooked, managed and partied! (The latter is my forte.)

Say you are having an event (when the lockdown opens), I could make you an outfit to wear, cater your party, book the venue, make the invitation cards and provide the entertainment. I could also dance and take photos for your memory album. Then, I could read your tarot cards, give you a Reiki, clean up the party mess and do your shopping?!!!?
Very tired.

In the last few years, I have been constantly drawing and painting, and I'm making some headway. I'm really enjoying the work and seeing how I have improved is heartening.

I have been performing with bands for 40 years. Some you may know, The Hanks, The Originals, Butterfly, and many others through the years. I can't wait to perform again and to watch and listen to my favourite bands. Singing is my passion, and has been missed during the crisis.

I would really like you to like me and my work but if you don't, do not tell me as it would make me sad. My name being Vivienne Gay, I feel sadness is inappropriate. Laughter, sharp wit, fun, good books, great music and art, great food and people, good times - my mission!

Musician in hat, 2020

Cook in fish mittens, 2020