Warning: sexual images, expletives and puns


Fred Negro

is a friggin' genius!

Fred Negro is officially the unofficial mayor of St Kilda. The legend who sings, paints, illustrates and generally documents St Kilda's boho Rock culture.

Fred is moving landmark in St Kilda, marching at a clipping pace between pubs, venues and galleries wearing a confusion of animal prints, Collingwood (AFL football club) merch', and psychedelic lycra. He always has his faithful stallion 'Horsey' in one hand and a bag of props and paraphernalia in the other.

More Fred

Fred is not paid by Carlton United Breweries despite being
personally responsible for 10% of their profits.

Munster Times is written by the charismatic and hirsute Matt Ryan. Matty writes about all things Rock, all things Footy, and all things Fred, with a little philosophy and poetry thrown in, but usually missing. Spelling is not his strong point (nor personal hygiene) but he is the most popular man in his bedroom almost every night.

A lot of people ask, "Is it true Matty was raised in Dingley?" Matt's history with the city of Dingley is legendary and will be commemorated, if our application is approved, by a modest 20 foot statue in the lobby of Dingley library where Matt spent many hours looking at nudes. Head librarian, Barb Tingwell says, "He certainly was dedicated." Matt's parents still reside in Dingley (despite the complaints).

Matt Ryan is currently waiting on his Pulitzer. (Apparently not an imported beer or sausage or a breed of dog??)

Viv's Gay art proves that Fred is not he only genius in the Gay-Negro household. Pablo Picasso, on his deathbed, said that "Viv is the only one who can take modern art anywhere from here." Unfortunately he said it in Spanish and the people there could only speak French but it's entirely plausible and we're running with it.

Viv regularly exhibits with Fred but she keeps her clothes on.

Viv's Gay Art COMING SOON.

You must be wondering how this has not happened before, and the truth is we were too busy down the pub having thoughts, watching the footy (GO PIES!!!) and bonding like motherf**kers. But finally someone has put their hand up and then across and then down and into their pockets and extracted a wallet and slapped it down on the table and said. "Don't f**king touch that - it's mine."

Meanwhile Stumpy (AKA Andrew Leavold, AKA the guy making Fred's film) has started shooting, and I don't mean a semi-automatic in a Texas High School. He's been filming Fred and all things Fred, including all of his mates when they were sober (scary, but there's only a few minutes) and somehow managed to get hours of sh*t on camera. Enough to edit a film!! Friggin' legend!

The full catastrophe can be uncovered here: Pub - The Movie - COMING SOON

WARNING: Pub - the Movie should not be watched by children with their parents in the room.